Developing My Newfound Passion



Things have been going really well with Edyn, my new garden sensor that does all the work for me, including determining how much water my plants need, telling me how nutrient the soil is and reporting on the meteorological data for my area.  I don’t have any finished products as yet but the carrots and onions are coming along nicely, as are the pumpkins and spinach.


My Newfound Passion for Gardening:


Edyn has given me a new lease on life and I’m becoming more and more fascinated with growing plants each day. What I’ve discovered, though, is that it’s a little too chilly in the UK to grow some of the fruit, vegetables and herbs that I have been attempting to produce. I don’t want to sacrifice anything. I’d love my tomato and basil plants to flourish but they just aren’t going to in this colder climate. I’ve also been trying to grow some passion-fruit but it’s struggling, at the very least.


Growing Warm Climate Plants:


I have been thinking about a solution to this problem. I love vegetables and fruits that grow in a warmer climate but I just don’t live in the right meteorological zone for it! Perhaps I could move abroad, haha. That would be some extreme lengths to go to in order to totally satisfy my very latest hobby. A much more practical solution would be to get myself a green house. I’ve been doing some research into green houses in order to work out what would be suitable for me. I’m new to gardening so I don’t want to invest too much money in a green house for sale and then see it turn into a decaying, dilapidated garden room.  From reading a bit about different options here I have concluded that a lean-to green house or culti cave would be much more suited to my needs than a stand alone green house.  I have a garden shed and so a lean-to green house would attach neatly to this.


Lean-To Green Houses:


A lean-to green house is just what it says on the tin. It has a metal structure with glass panels and is fixed in place as an add on to an existing wall. This made me thin that it would be really cool to have the ruins of an old building in my garden, with just a wall remaining.  A lean-to green house would look fantastic attached to one of these and what a fabulous way to make an old wall a stand out feature of your garden. Sadly, I don’t have an old wall in my garden but, like I said, I do have a garden shed and it has enough room on either side to attach a lean-to green house. I could even start with one and buy another lean-to green house for sale if I keep the gardening up and decide I need more space for the warmer climate plants.





Culti Caves:


A culti cave sounds pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to have a cave in my garden!  Unfortunately this is not of the rock/cave man variety and I certainly won’t be dragging any maidens into it after hitting them over the head with a club! A culti cave is actually much like a tent, only you can see through it. It is like a tiny poly tunnel, a grow tent. It is a much cheaper alternative than buying a standard green house for sale and I could probably afford to buy more than one, as needs must.


Finding a Greenhouse for Sale:


So, I’m on the search for a green house for sale, either a lean-to greenhouse for sale or a culti cave.  There are some really great options for finding a green house for sale here.  If I can find a secondhand green house for sale at a decent price I might just go with the more traditional form. They can look rather aesthetically pleasing in a garden and will allow me to grow a lot more. But it does also seem possible to find a good quality secondhand culti cave or lean-to green house for sale, especially on the website mentioned above.


I’m really happy that I’ve uncovered a love for gardening. I’m sure that it’s been buried away in me for some time now, I just didn’t realise, until I invested in an Edyn, that I had a passion for growing my own veggies, fruit and herbs.  I can’t wait to find a good green house for sale and I’m so eager for the time to come when I will enjoy eating my first home-grown crop!


This passion may get out of control. Stay tuned. Next time I write I may just be on the hunt for a poly-tunnel!!!